For some helmet models, Airoh provides Pinlock lenses inside the helmet (included in the purchase price) or as an aftermarket accessory. What are they? This product, devised and marketed by the Dutch company it takes the name from, comprises a hydrophobic coating with a silicon edging to prevent fogging, as it creates a sort of inner tube once placed inside the main visor. Silicone allows for perfect adhesion of the main visor while ensuring stability and preventing the infiltration of dust and water. This system creates a vacuum chamber that prevents condensation from forming because of the difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of our helmet, especially during the colder months.

For sure! This makes us proud! Without wanting to name names, at races you see helmets with over-the-top aerodynamic appendices that are concealed beneath the graphics. All of our helmets, from the Aviator to the GP550 S, are exactly the same as those end users find on the market! The only difference lies in the graphics, which the pilot chooses to customise every season, or for some special moments of the current competition season or of their career.

Due to the technological processes involved, Airoh is not able to manufacture made-to-measure helmets. However, more precise customisation can be obtained, for example by adjusting the inner-lining to your face.

As regards the shell, Airoh is able to meet most requirements as it covers sizes from XS (53/54 cm) to XXXL (64 cm).

Modular helmets are full-face helmets with a chin guard that can be removed or fastened to the rear of the shell, to be more comfortable and widen the field of vision.

Flip Ups are helmets where the chin guard may be raised or flipped over, even if it always remains fastened to the helmet.